About ABeeC Hives

ABeeC Hives – Australian Native Bee Hives was born from the need for high quality OATH Australian Stingless Native Bee Hives. When we were not able to find a style that we liked currently on the market we started to manufacture our own.

We started selling hives in 2016 with only one style available for sale, the three tier OATH honey super painted. Since then we have grown to over 90 different styles, designs and configurations.

ABeeC Hives is an Industry Member of the Australian Native Bee Association.

Learn about Australian Native Bees

Flowers For Native Bees

As Australian native bees vary so much in size they are able to pollinate a wide variety of plants, unlike the European honey bees which can be...

Native Bee Life Cycle

The Australian native bee goes through many stages within its life cycle. Bees start its chapter in the world as a very small egg laid by the...

Native Bee Pollination

Pollination is the transfer of pollen from a male part of a plant to a female part of a plant, later enabling fertilization of the plant...

OATH Beehives

The OATH Beehives (Original Australian Trigona Hive) design has become the ideal place to home bees when duplicating your existing hive or...

Stingless Bees

Stingless Bees are vegetarian wasps meaning they feed on pollen and nectar. Some bees are solitary, they live alone and once they lay an egg...

Sugarbag Honey

Some native bees produce honey (including the Carbonaria and Hockingsi) however it is much different in appearance and taste to European bee...

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