Propolis – Stingless Bees Wax From Australian Native Bees

What is native bee propolis or native bee wax?

Stingless Australian Native Bees use tree resin and wax to create propolis. The bees mix wax from glands on their bodies with resins produced by trees and plants to create propolis. Propolis is what the bees use as nest building material.

Differences Between Tetragonula Propolis and Austroplebeia Wax?

Tetragonula species of stingless Australian native bees build their nest structure from propolis. This is seen in the much darker looking nest structure. Austroplebeia species of stingless Australian native bees build their primarily from wax. This is why Austroplebeia hives appear much lighter in colour and more yellow.

What can stingless native bee propolis be used for?

  • Didgeridoo Mouthpieces.
  • Tuning Warup and Kundu drums.
  • Beehive Entrance Rings on recently split hives.
  • Pre coating the inside of empty hives before eductions.
  • Beauty products like Hand creams, Soaps, Shaving soap, Beard oils & Lip balms.

Over time propolis will get harder and harder but will never set. Re heating or the heat from hot summer days will melt the propolis.

Working with native bee propolis

Stingless native bee propolis will appear to be a solid mass at first but with a small amount of working with your hands the wax will become workable by hand. The more you work propolis, the easier it becomes to mold.

Propolis Storage

Propolis should be stored in a dry and airtight container. This is to stop wax moth destroying your propolis and to stop other bees from stealing the propolis for their own use.

Where to buy Propolis?

If you are looking to purchase propolis, please check out our propolis for sale here.

Propolis used to build Tetragonula bee hive nest structure.

Propolis Entrance Rings Ready For Rescue or Split

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