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The Sugarbag
Nola Turner-Jensen
Illustrated by Dub Leffler
An adventure story of two young brothers, Jimmy and Max, who are on their way to visit their grandfather. On the way, they encounter a tiny native bee and hope it will lead them to some delicious sugarbag. ‘Sugarbag is a favourite treat for Aboriginal people. We call it ngarruu. When Grandfather was a little boy, he went hunting for ngarruu with his father,’ Jimmy explained proudly. Sugarbag is the European word for the honey produced by the stingless bee.The boys go racing through the bush in pursuit of the bee hoping it will lead them to its hive.
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The Sugarbag Written by Nola Turner-Jensen Illustrated by Dub Leffler 
OVERVIEW The Sugarbag shares the story of Jimmy and Max, who on their way to visit their grandfather encounter a stingless native bee. Jimmy has learnt about this type of bee and how to hunt for its ‘sugarbag’ — honey! He takes this opportunity to teach his younger brother how to find this hidden treasure. 
THEMES • Aboriginal culture and customs • Adventure • Native bees and their ‘sugarbag’ honey 
AUDIENCE AND WRITING STYLE Suitable for lower primary students, The Sugarbag is a narrative told simply and effectively. The words are at times written in shapes to depict the movement of the bee and the boys. Some Wiradjuri language words are included. 

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