Where To Buy Stingless Australian Native Beehives

Looking to buy a full Australian native beehive of Tetragonula Carbonaria (TC) or Tetragonula Hockingsi (TH) bees inside already?

Check out these resellers below. Pricing and availability will vary from each reseller, touch base with each to see what they can offer.

Tim Heard – Sugarbag Bees
07 3844 4914

Sarah Hamilton – Bee Yourself
Phone: 0433 226 791
North Brisbane. Tetragonula Hockingsi & Tetragonula Carbonaria

Melissa Ballantyne – Sydney Stingless Bees
Phone: 0439 817 555

Aussie Bee’s reseller page

ABeeC Hives is not affiliated to any of the above links and we do not receive any commission or payment for the listings the above. This is just a helpful list to get you started on the journey to owning your own beehive.

Do you have full hives you want to sell? Get in touch with us to have your contact details add to the list above for no cost or commission!

Want to have a beehive in the backyard but don’t want to have to deal with managing the bees. Our beehive babysitting program might be for you. We keep ownership and manage the hive and you get to enjoy the benefits of having bees in the backyard. Plus you get to keep they honey produced! Check out all the details here.

Stingless Australian Native Bee Hive

Photo of stingless Australian Native Bee Hive – Ready to make honey and pollinate the garden.


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Capalaba, 4157, Queensland, Australia

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