Where To Buy Stingless Australian Native Beehives

Looking to buy a colony of Stingless Australian native bees? We have available to purchase two species of stingless native bee colonies. The bees we currently stock are Tetragonula Carbonaria(TC) and Tetragonula Hockingsi (TH).

By purchasing a stingless bee hive you will discover the rewards of beekeeping with Australian native bee hives! With their gentle nature and low maintenance, our bee hives provide a sustainable and eco-friendly way to support biodiversity and you get to enjoy the delicious honey. Plus, by buying a native bee hive, you’re contributing to the preservation of our unique Australian ecosystems. Don’t miss out on the buzz – start your beekeeping journey today!

Imagine harvesting your own honey, knowing it’s sustainably sourced, directly contributing to the preservation of our bee ecosystems and pollinating your garden!

Important Information
  • All full hives come with bees, hive, stand and heavy duty roof.
  • Due to supply and demand we often have a wait list for full native bee hives.
  • We guarantee our hives for 3 months to ensure you have a working queen. Like all pets responsibility and care needs to be taken. Full advice and an information guide will be provided with purchase. We do not replace hives damaged by flood, fire or that have been opened.
  • Currently we do not ship out hives with lives bees and pickup is from Capalaba, 4157.
  • We also do not supply bees to put in your own box.
Alternative Options to Buying a Native Beehive
  • Do you know of someone that already has stingless bees that can share some with you via split or budding? Splitting hive information here. Budding information here. or we can help with our splitting service, information here.
  • Do you know of a wild colony that needs to be rescued or re-homed? We can help with options to house the bees and you keep the colony. Information here.
  • Do you have a colony that is living in a spot that you can not collect honey from, like a tree stump, brick wall or garden statue. You can create a second hive via budding or eduction. Information here.
  • Want to have a beehive in the backyard but don’t want to have to deal with managing the bees. Our beehive babysitting program might be for you. We keep ownership and manage the hive and you get to enjoy the benefits of having bees in the backyard. Check out all the details here.

Contact us on 07 3206 0552 or info@abeec.com.au to discuss purchasing a stingless Australian native bee hive.

Stingless Australian Native Bee Hive

Photo of stingless Australian Native Bee Hive – Ready to make honey and pollinate the garden.


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