OATH BeeHive Side Entry | Stingless Native Bee Hive Perspex Honey Jar With Roof


Composite OATH BeeHive Side Entry | Stingless Native Bee Hive Perspex Honey Jar With Roof

The honey separator is clear perspex so you can inspect the inside of the hive and has a honey jar for harvesting honey.

Comes with 2x 260ml jars for easily harvesting native bee honey.

Hive Details

Built from 25mm Composite Foam Core for superior temperature control.

Includes Colorbond Roof

Never have to repaint you hive again.

Hoop pine anti-slump bars to support the hive.

Vent holes at the base and rear.

Honey Super designed for harvesting honey.

Outside measurements 280mm Long X 200mm Wide X 300mm High

Inside measurements 230mm Long X 150mm Wide X 250mm High

Three layers, Bottom and Middle for the brood, Top section for honey super.

The three sections are locked together with brackets so the hive cannot fall apart (No need for plastic strapping)

Please note the stainless steel strut does not come with the hive that is in the photos. It is just in place so I could take photos.

This model of hive is all strapped together like image 7, If you would like a hive with hinges for easy access please check out this hive.

Weight approximately = 4.5 Kg

Volume 8.6L

Made in Brisbane


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The hives will be shipped to you completed, no building or gluing required.

The Hive is empty / Bees are not included

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 28 × 30 cm

Tetragonula carbonaria previously Trigona carbonaria | T. carbonaria | Tetragonula | Hockingsi | T. Hockingsi | Sugarbag Bee

Hive Group

Side Entry

Hive Sub Group

Perspex Viewing with Honey Jar


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