Commercial Bulk Native Bee Hives

Do you need Commercial Bulk quantities of Stingless Australian Native Bee Hives? 

We can customise hive options to suit your location and business setup. Hive features can be added or removed to suit your individual needs and budget. With access to panel saws, metal laser cutting, perspex laser cutting and 3D printing we can help to make your prototype hive come to life.

We can work with you to forecast your ongoing hive needs and manage future requirements. Ensure you are propagating hives at the best time to maximise pollination and profits. On site visits can be arranged.

Our bulk OATH native bees hives are perfect for

  • Commercial agricultural growers
  • Resellers 
  • Wholesales 
  • Produce stores
  • Macadamia farms
  • Strawberry farms
  • Blueberry farms
  • Beekeeping supply stores
  • Mango farms
  • Lychee farms
  • Commercial crop pollination 

We stock hives built from

  • Composite maintenance free foam
  • Hardwood marine plywood 
  • Hoop pine 
  • 50mm Cypress
  • 35mm Cypress

Our hive size options are

We supply bulk quantities of spare parts eg honey supers, viewing panels and roofs to add to your existing hive stock. 

Not only that but we offer bulk quantities of additional products such as bee hotels, propolis and OATH galvanised stands including those to accommodate budding/eduction setups.

All of our hives are built in Brisbane, Australia. We welcome you to book a workshop tour if you are close or passing by.

Orders can be palletised and loading can be arranged via forklift for easy pickup or delivery nationwide.

Contact us on 07 3206 0552 or to discuss bulk wholesale hive options for your business. 


07 3206 0552
Capalaba, 4157, Queensland, Australia

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