How To Ship Stingless Bee Hives With Live Bees Inside?

If you ever need to ship a Stingless Australian Native Bee Hives via post below is a guide to help prepare the hive along with documentation you need to sing and attach to the parcel.

When shipping live bees in Australia you must use an Express Post option and it is recommended to do this on a Monday where possible. Reason being, if the hive gets held up for any reason in the postal system it has all week to be delivered and reduces the risk of being left at a depot over the weekend.

Steps For Shipment

  1. Wait until night time and secure the bees inside the hive. Just make sure oxygen can still make its way into the hive. Old mesh or if you have one of the ABeeC hives, we have these travel plugs. Just don’t forget to block off any vent or drain holes.
  2. The next morning box the hive up in packaging to post. Ensure there are some extra vent holes in the box. Just make sure they are not too large incase the bees escape. Have the outer box as a second line of defence.
  3. Fill in two copies of the Shippers Certification for Live Animals. Download a copy here.
    • Attached one copy to the carton and keep one copy for the post office staff.
  4. Take the parcel to the post office and make sure to ship via Express Post.
  5. When at the bees are at the new location open the hive up and let the bees out.
  6. The bees will do a re orientation flight to work out the new location of the hive.

If you are looking to relocate a hive via car, have a look at this relocation guide here.

Need more help?

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