Commercial Bulk Native Bee Hives

Do you need Commercial Bulk quantities of Stingless Australian Native Bee Hives?  We can customise hive options to suit your location and business setup. Hive features can be added or removed to suit your individual needs and budget. With...

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Austroplebeia Australis

Austroplebeia Australis is a small species of stingless bee that is native to Australia. Also known as Australis or AA. It is one of the common species of stingless bee in Australia and can be found in many different habitats including forests...

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Tetragonula Hockingsi

Tetragonula Hockingsi, also known as the sugarbag bee or simply TH, is a small stingless bee species that is native to Australia. These bees are found in tropical regions, particularly in the northern parts of Australia, where they play an...

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Tetragonula Carbonaria

Tetragonula Carbonaria known as the Australian stingless bee (and also abbreviated to TC). Are a species of small and stingless bee that is native to Australia. These bees are found in various habitats throughout the country including forests...

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Commercial Pollination Service by Stingless Bees

Commercial Pollination Service by Stingless Bees We provide commercial farmers and growers with crop pollination, auditing and consulting services.  Key agricultural crop sectors that benefit from Stingless Bees include Macadamia Lychee...

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Repainting Australian Native Bee Hives

Repainting Native Bee Hives With Bees Inside Repainting native bee hives and keeping your timber bee hive looking its best plus protecting it from the weather means coats of paint yearly or every two years. But how to you do this with bees...

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Relocating Stingless Bee Hives

When the time comes that your bee hive needs to be relocated there is just one question we need to ask. Does the hive need to be moved a short distance, less than two kilometres? Or a long distance, more than two kilometres? Both options for...

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Beehive Babysitting

Unfortunately due to popularity all spots are now taken for 2024, but please if you would like to go on the waitlist for the 2025 program please send us your contact details and location. Beehive Babysitting Want to have a beehive in the backyard...

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