Commercial Pollination Service by Stingless Bees

Commercial Pollination Service by Stingless Bees

We provide commercial farmers and growers with crop pollination, auditing and consulting services. 

Key agricultural crop sectors that benefit from Stingless Bees include
  • Macadamia
  • Lychee
  • Strawberry
  • Avocado
  • Blueberry
  • Mango
Advantages of using Stingless Bees for pollination
  • Stingless bees as in the name are harmless to workers on the farm that come in contact with the bees.
  • Stingless bees are naturally present in the ecosystem.
  • Hives of stingless bees do not need access to water.
  • Stingless bees are naturally resistant to many diseases that effect honey bees.
  • Stingless bees have a much smaller flight range giving highly targeted crop pollination.
  • Stingless bees excel in hot topical conditions.
Our services and consulting for commercial pollination include 
  • Short and long term lease of stingless bee hives.
  • Management of existing hives.
  • Auditing of current pollination model.
  • Layout and placement advice.
Pollination Hive Design

Our standard pollination hive is the work horse behind the bees. The hive provides maintenance free and long lasting hive for the bees to work from.

OATH Native Bee Hive

If you are looking for help with pollination services at home have a look at our backyard bee hive babysitting program here.

To get more information about commercial crop pollination or to discuss options contact us on 07 3206 0552 or


07 3206 0552
Capalaba, 4157, Queensland, Australia

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