Empty Hive Weights

Part of deciding if your Australian Native Bee Hive is ready to split we need to know how strong the colony is doing. Without having to open the hive we can get a rough idea of the strength by the weight. The total weight will give you a good...

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How To Set Up Budding or Soft Split From A Log

How To Set Up Australian Native Bee Hive Induction / Eduction / Budding or Soft Split From A Log Our aim is to create a daughter hive from the mother colony located inside the log. To do this we are going to ensure that the bees only access to...

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Face Mask

Ultra hydrating and nourishing face mask 1 t coconut oil 1 t orange blossom water 1 t honey 1 drop lavender essential oil (optional) Combine orange blossom water into oil whilst stirring. Slowly add honey, continuing to stir. Add essential oil if...

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Honey Hair Mask

Intensive nourishing hair mask suitable for most hair types  2 T Coconut oil  2 T Apple cider vinegar  2 T Honey  1 Drop of preferred essential oil if desired  Recipe makes enough for one use on long hair or two plus uses...

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Native Bee FAQs

I see native bees in my garden, Can I place a empty hive in the garden and will the bees move in? Unfortunately no, Although it has been done the chance of bees creating a colony is very very slim. You will more than likely end up with a empty...

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